Review of A Single Thread by Tracy Chevalier

I really enjoyed reading A Single Thread and thought it was even better than Girl with a Pearl Earring. It ticked all the boxes for me – well-written, a great story and characters I cared about. Set in the 1930s – with memories of one war and fears of another – it tells the story of Violet, one of the generation affected by the loss of Britain’s men due to the First World War. It’s also a commentary on inter-war society and how women like Violet and her friends are daring to push against societal norms and question their own attitudes. I love that the women in the story are taking control of their own destiny, pushing back the boundaries one step at a time. This book is a great read – I finished it within a day, not because it lacks depth but because I needed to know how it ended. I would absolutely recommend this book.

As always, thanks to for allowing me to review this book


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