Bone Deep by Sandra Ireland

This is quite a small book so at first sight the reader would not perhaps expect a particularly in-depth story. However, the reader is in for a big surprise. The story is beautifully written: the language is sparing but is ideal for this stark tale of love, loss and betrayal. The descriptive writing takes the reader into the scene of the action, often heart in mouth as the narrative becomes darker. It’s the book equivalent of hiding behind the settee and peeping out through your fingers. The two main protagonists, enigmatic and grumpy Lucie and eccentric and forthright Mac, tell this story between them and the use of the first person adds atmosphere and urgency. Unlike with some novels, this technique does not detract from the other characters who interact with Mac and Lucie and they are well-rounded and believable. There are clues as the story progresses if you look carefully but the ending is shocking and unexpected. This book is definitely one you won’t be able to put down until you’ve finished the story. I loved it and look forward to reading Sandra Ireland’s first novel and any novels she writes in the future.

Thanks again to LoveReading for sending me this book to review


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